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Augmented Exploitation of Underwater Parks

The main goal of the VISAS Project is to provide an integrated system able to improve the ability to generate value from a responsible and sustainable exploitation of underwater archaeological sites. This strategic goal is reached through the implementation of four innovative services.

3D Survey

This service is addressed to generate the 3D models of the sites by integrating different technologies like SONAR, GPS, and optical sensors for the data acquisition and survey activities to be conducted in the underwater site.

Virtual Experience

This service is based on a Virtual Reality system that allows users to explore the 3D reconstruction of the underwater site and to receive information and contents about the submerged exhibits and structures of the site.

Diving session planning

This service is based on a software that supports diving centres in planning guided undersea routes in the underwater park.

Augmented diving

This service is based on a tablet transported by the diver, properly cast inside a waterproof case and equipped with acoustic localization and inertial navigation devices used for estimating in real-time the diver localization within the site. This device aims at improving the experience of the divers during the visit by providing, based on geo data, augmented reality views of the site and other various information about the artefacts and/or the biological and geological features spotted during the visit.

Moreover, it will be possible to take geo-referenced photos that can be uploaded on a dedicated social website at the end of the diving session, where divers will be able to share the most exciting moments of the dive.

The system is designed to operate up to a depth of 50 m.


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