Applicon S.R.L.

UnderWater Advanced Diver Assistant System

Applicon S.r.l. - UnderWater Advanced Diver Assistant System

UnderWater Advanced Diver Assistant System is a portable communication and telemetry system for real-time monitoring of one or more diving teams: Customizable for inexperienced, recreational or professional divers allow the early detection of potential dangerous.

A portable computing unit which main functions include:

  • Real-time computation of divers actual 3D position
  • The storing of the travelled immersion path possibly allowing its back-track Homing function when divers get lost
  • Sending help requests and relevant data to and receiving warning messages from the central unit

A central monitoring unit located on the dive boat able to communicating with each diver of the team and taking:

  • Health status and air (or blend) consumption of each diver 3D position of each diver
  • Uncontrolled ascents and/or omitted decompression stops

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