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Applicon is also involved in the design and development of electronics devices for enhancing the health and safety of recreational and professional divers. European data indicate that the number of accidents has remained relatively constant over the past 20 years, while the number of practitioners has grown tremendously over the same period.

All this would indicate that the safety of diving is generally good and steadily improving. Despite these data, however, the risk should not be underestimated from the public. The information on it should be fair and realistic, without inappropriate exaggerations, but equally without any underestimation.

According to "2008 - Diver Alarm Network Report", in 160 (1.13 %) out of 11,869 observations were reported incidents of a procedural nature, so due to human error. Among these, the most common accidents were due to waterline problems (0.9%) followed by uncontrolled ascents (0.3%).

Along these lines, Applicon is currently developing SARIS, a patented electronic device pluggable on standard over pressure valves of scuba jackets aimed at detecting the occurrence of too fast, possibly uncontrolled, ascents of the diver. In that case, it opens automatically the jacket's overpressure valves for reducing its volume and stopping the ascent.

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